• Children’s car seat covers
  • Baby carriers and sitters
  • Stroller seats and support
    items for disabled children
  • Prams and carry cots
  • Foot muffs, sleeping bags
  • Mother bags, backpacks and textile accessories for children
  • Nursery products, pillows and cushions (CNC-cut and moulded foams)
  • Support vests, belts and harnesses
  • Wheelchair cushions and covers
  • Mattress covers
  • Medical slings
  • Carrier sheets
  • Rescue sheets
  • Sliding sheets, turning
    sheets and positioning sheets
  • Sport protectors
  • Nursery/home textile products

Automotive Products
Automotive Products
  • Full protective car covers
  • Partial protective car covers
Sport Protectors
Sport Protectors
  • Protectors
  • Knee pads

SF Trade offers a range of special processes such as lamination, coating, quilting, ultrasonic welding stitch and seam sealing and special treatments such as fire retardancy and UV protection.


We produce our products with organic fabrics, BCI fabrics and other fabrics and materials with specific finishes which comply with OEKO-TEX® certification, REACH regulation and any other required international standard certifications.


SF Trade has been a member of SEDEX since 2014.


SF trade cooperates with specific customers within the frame of ORGALIME SC06.


SF Trade provides in-house testing assistance for the following:

  • Washing test
  • Colour continuity control (lightbox, grey scale)
  • Weight control
  • Tear strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Breaking elongation
  • Seam slippage
We provide sourcing services from well chosen worldwide partners to meet our customer requirements. Our location enables us to maintain short lead times, thereby giving clients what they need – when they need it.

We source the following:

  • Woven and knitted fabrics
  • Coated textiles
  • Fur and fleece
  • Organic and BCI fabrics
  • Technical bands, elastic bands and cords
  • Non-woven fabrics (wadding, felt, spunbonds, spunlace, etc.)
  • Foam and rubber
  • Fasteners
  • Metal hardware for assembly
  • Plastic hardware for assembly
  • Woodworks for assembly
  • Smart textiles and accessories (conductive tapes, conductive fabric, wearable LEDs, etc.)
SF Trade performs annual supplier evaluations to improve and ensure a high level of quality in our products.

We believe in the importance of product development and creating products that are tailor made according to customer needs and preferences. During the entire product lifecycle, we work as a true associate for our customers. With extensive experience and dedication to product development, the team at SF Trade maintains a competitive edge in assisting our clients with their sampling and products.

Product Development Department Specialties:

  • Pattern, layer preparation (AutoCAD)
  • Sampling
  • Consumption/time study
  • Method improvements
  • Technical preparations


SF Trade is a quality- and safety-oriented company, implementing a Total Quality Management System in all stages of production:

SF Trade has been certified in:

  • Total Quality Management Systems - ISO 9001, ISO 14001; 
  • OHSAS 18001 since 2011; 
  • ISO 45001 since 2020;
  • Approved supplier by SEARS since 2012.
  • International Material Data System (IMDS) Registered since 2014;
  • Medical Devices ISO 13485 since 2015; 
  • US Food and Drug Administration Registration (FDA) since 2015; 
  • VDA 6.3 process audit, successfully completed since March 2018.